High Speed Big Candy Pillow Packing Machine

High Speed Big Candy Pillow Packing Machine

Applications Food line: chocolate, Wafer coating,biscuit, yolk pie, snickers, cotton candy, ice bar. Commodity: Soap, similar product. Main Features 1.Taking the Leading rank by using Trlo motion technology in the packing industry, no pressure plate to fix the product in feeding line.. 2.Multi-function feeding line ensures the automatically feeding. conveying and packing with no damage to easy-broken surface. 3.The advanced TRLO motion control chip cooperates with seven full servo-motors, not only improve the speed, but ensure the steady performance for long service life. 4.directly connect with production line, realize automatic conveying, feeding, filling, date coding and packing without labor force but save the cost.  5. high degree human-interface design, touch screen, operating and displaying clearly and conveniently operating. 6. Automatic splicer device, no need to stop to replace packing film, enhance the product capacity. 7. Equipped with photocell tracking device with no empty packing. 8. Stainless steel frame, high standard, no pollution....

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