Full Automatic Multi-functional Candy Wrapping Machine

With advanced servo-motor intellgent control system
it can reduce the malfuction rate adn run stably with low noise.
It can be connected directly with the producion line and can achieve the automation of feeding ,forming,filling andsaving labor force. With intelligent human-interface design

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Full Automatic Multi-functional Candy Wrapping Machine


Packing Speed 50-800pcs/minute
Packaging Range
Product Shape

Round slice, ball shape, ellipse,

waist round shape, cylindrical

The Motor Power                             
The machine size
Power Weight

Power Source    
380v 50Hz
Wrapping Material 
OPP, CPP, PET, Aluminium Plating Film, Composite Material etc

Candy industry: Toffee, Nougat, Hard candy, scotch, etc.
Medical catalog: The pills with the shape of the spherical, ellipse, waist around, etc.


-Ultra-big feeding Plate, Single Paper Rollers

-Automatic photocell tracking, High precision cutting.
-Mechanical transmission, frequency converter adjusts speed.

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