Full Automatic Production Line For Energy Bar And Chocolate Bar

Full Automatic Production Line For Energy Bar And Chocolate Bar

Full Automatic Production Line for Energy Bar and Chocolate Bar  Trustworthy NougatProduct Making Line Supplier High Quality Eletrical Parts Ensure the Long Service Life Applications Nougat, Toffee Nougat, Peanut Candy, Crispy Peanut Candy ,snickers Combined Parts -Hoppers -pressing rollers -Cooling Tunnel -Longitudinal Cutter -horizontal cutter Main features 1. Schneider contactor with intelligent temperature control 2. Large power converyor motor ensure smooth feeding 3. Super cooling system to ensure the perfect shape of products 5. Reasonable structure and convenient operation 6. High degree of automation and capacity, manpower saving. 7. Transmisiion, forming and cooling in a continuous producing...

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Chocolate compound coating automatic line


Chocolate compound coating is automatically produced by the production line with a variety of sugar core coated with the most advanced production equipment, he put the traditional sugar core secondary processing coating production process into a fully automated continuous production, thus greatly improving the production Quantity, but also reduce the production of some special sugar core cumbersome. It can be said that the chocolate composite coating automatic assembly line is the traditional coating line can not be compared. In the international chocolate composite coating line to produce large, and can be suitable for the manufacture of a variety of sugar-based coating of chocolate products and is widely used.


Main technical characteristics

The total assembly line form: reciprocating (180 °)

Production capacity: 1.2 ~ 1.5 tons / class

Total line length: 33.5 + 4.71 + 29 (67.21 m)

Total line drive power: 25KW

Roll cooling temperature range: 25 ℃ ~ -20 ℃

The total assembly line weight: 10 ~ 12 tons

Transmission speed form: frequency bus synchronization with speed

Total linear velocity range: 0 ~ 6 m / min

Cooling tunnel: the number of 2, the length of 12M, respectively, 25M

Delivery form: tape type

Condensation Unit: 3 Condensation Unit ZF-6.3

Transmission machinery form: chain gear mechanical mechanism

Working pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa

Number of layers: 4 layers

Roller cooling solution: brine liquid nitrogen

Compound sugar displacement maximum width: 400mm

Operator: 6 people

Maximum size: 1.8 × 2.7 meters

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